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Benefits of Frameless Glass Balustrades

Clear glass used in a balustrade as opposed to a solid barrier will give a property a unique and luxurious look whilst gaining those essential unobscured views. They give the illusion of extra space and work very well with both contemporary or traditional settings. Take these images as examples of glass being used in balconies. One surrounded by white walls of a Villa in Cyprus whilst the other in a traditional brick building on the UK South Coast.

The glass when specified correctly and according to the loading required, is safe, secure and durable. Glass doesn’t crack or decay, it ages over a very long time and it doesn’t fall apart therefore maintaining its form for many years. Children or animals can’t climb up it like they can on a brick or stone wall resulting in a very safe barrier.

Cleaning and maintaining a glass wall is straight forward but Ritec coatings can be applied to both sides for assisting to keep it free of mildew forming especially where trees are present. easily. A glass balustrade is a product of aesthetic beauty which needs to stay that way, so if it can be afforded the coating is well worth the money.

Wind Barrier with Ultra Clear Low iron Glass

While maintaining the views, glass can protect you in the harshest of weather. We have installed strong glass balustrades on high hills as well as on coastlines with strong prevailing winds and they work to provide a cosy environment to sit out and enjoy the sunshine without a blustery wind to ruin the day! These photos are of a project in Scotland.


Glass is also versatile and the balustrade can be bespoke if your design flair so desires. It can be combined with a colour to match your scheme; choices are mainly green, grey or blue but with new techniques in glass lamination there are now choices of fabrics or metallic inter-layers that can be also used as a feature within the glass. The choices are endless!

Lighting can even be added as the image below or why not make it curved using face fixings? This all means the choices are indeed endless, making your balustrade truly individual.

Finally and if there isn't enough reasons given; In the ever increasing need for products being Eco Friendly well, with glass you can’t go wrong, it is made from natural products, lasts a long time, and is fully recyclable!

So if you're thinking of instead of going for a glass balustrade whether it is purely functional or design led, why not get in touch with us to see how we can help in providing you with a stunning glass balustrade.

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