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Install a contemporary glass balustrade in under a month!

Love the look of a glass balustrade? decide to have one but find the whole process far too complicated? with so many styles and glass options on the market it's hardly surprising that so many people are put off the idea. It is difficult to know where to start, this is why we are here to help you through the process of sourcing the essential product required and then delivered to your door in a quick turnaround time.

First of all start with finding out what the function the balustrade is needing to perform? i.e. Is it to stop a fall from height above 800mm or is it on the same level as the ground, does it need a handrail or not, is it for an interior or exterior? Then you can choose the system within that function which you prefer the most.

This may be a base channel, a base clamp (spigot) system, bolt through side fixed or a post system . Each look very different while still performing essential safety functions. Even though you may not need the glass to prevent a fall from height, the glass still needs to be installed safely and securely to prevent it falling on someone.

Examples of the type of systems available

Once the function of the balustrade has been decided upon, the specifications of the glass and finishes can be then detailed and sourced. There are different thicknesses of glass to chose from all determined by the specifications. The base channel and spigot versions start at 12mm and can go up to 33.5mm depending on the strength required. (If you are unsure you'll need to ask for professional help or visit your local building regulatory body to assist)

Then there are lots of colour variations in the glass to consider, from clear through to tinted and sandblasted. This is either by design or based on the level of privacy required.

Whatever your decision is on the product we can deliver all of this, including the glass to your project within 7-10days of ordering which in the case of 21.5mm toughened-laminated glass is unheard of in the industry (this is usually between 4-6weeks). Complicated glass shapes are longer and all glass is subject to stock levels. All of our glass is bespoke and non-standard so we can make pretty much anything!

The base fixing system will be delivered within two days and can be installed while waiting for the glass production, once all the preparation is completed, the glass can be installed as soon as it arrives, resulting in a safe, beautiful and contemporary glass balustrade within one month. The beauty about a glass balustrade is that is lasts for a long time and is a great addition to any environment whether indoors or outdoors.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you with your next project.

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